Massages du dosIn this over-connected world… we become more and more disconnected. From others, and from ourselves. And the lack of touch, of conscious touch, has many consequences on our daily life.

We should get one massage every week to stay fully present to our body! When do you start?

Reconnecting massage

Re-open the channel between you and you. Rediscover sensations in your body and allow yourself to feel.

I offer an hour of relaxing touch, in a safe space, where you can let go of everything in order to reconnect deeply to your basic truth : your physical body. Through relaxing massages and some verbal indications, I help you to surrender to find peace and harmony.

On your way, you might approach your true self…

I always found very disturbing the massages when the giver was not attentive and conscious in the touch. Looking at the clock or thinking about something else than you, receiving, being vulnerable. My first care: being fully present.

Massage tantrique - Ose
Crédit Photo : © Nicolas Nova

Tantric yoni massages

HéhéhéTantric massages are a powerful tool to heal and reconnect with yourself, and not only on a sexual level. They’re also a great way to rediscover and explore your creative power.

Alone or with your partner, I invite you to get rid of layers of conditioning and programming, coming from your education, our society, relatives and friends. At your own pace, learn to let go of the tension and bring more awareness into your body, more light into your mind, more life into your… life. Free yourself!

See more informations here : what is Tantric massage?

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