Tadaaaa(asana) or the time I did a yoga teacher training in India

Trimurti, Dharamkot, India.

Feet together, knee caps up, engaging the thighs, tuck the tailbone in, spine straight, opening the chest, shoulders back and down, chin parallel to the floor.

June has been another opportunity to learn from wiser ones, challenging my physical body and reminding to be humble each time I failed. Cause I did, many times. I struggled to wake up at 5:30am every morning, to stay calm during pranayama, to hold my warriors still and to meet in a shala 12 hours a day with the same people for 4 weeks (and eating the SAME FOOD!).

But because pain and pleasure come together, I met inspiring souls, built harmonious strength and greater confidence in my path: less and less doubt that I am in the right place, at the right moment. The Himalayas have been a great nest to grow in my practice and discover new limits.

That day, there were 30, looking at me, waiting for my instructions. I was unsure whether their expressionless faces were reassuring or not. I felt very privileged to stand in front of them, excited by the challenge of leading a class and a bit worried by that responsibility. But I did it. And because I did so, I got a paper with my name on it, allowing me to teach Yoga if I want to.

Promo TTC Trimurti yoga, june 2017
TTC Trimurti yoga, promo june 2017


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